Real Estate Investment Banking


Our Investments Include

La Jolla Capital provides equity capital for various real estate investements. When investing in real estate for the mid- term 3-5 years, we focuses primarily on quality real estate investments. Clearly defined holding periods and exit strategies are a hallmark of our approach to real estate. The company structures its investments to employ distinct acquisition strategies, backs them with high quality commercial assets, and manages them using time-tested operational techniques that focus on economies of scale and enhanced value at the time of the asset disposition. We also maintains ongoing relationships with strategic partners, lenders, and real estate brokers in order to locate the best properties for investments. This approach also allows us to focus on enhancing the value of its real estate assets. The potential profit of our investment is heavy dependent on the correct cost basis.

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• New Construction
• Value Added - Rehab and Repositioning
• Recapitalization of Existing Partnerships
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