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When marketing our client's properties, knowing who the target buyer for the investment to is our primary goal. With many of the national firms relying on the shotgun approach, they rarely deliver impressive results. They send offering memorandums to thousands of unqualified "lookers" hoping to find that one naive investor who will over pay, however that rarely close. Many active buyers refuse to waste time going through the "pseudo auction" process, competing with non-qualified buyers. To truly achieve the highest value for our client's properties, we believe in the rifle approach. Marketing to the best buyers who have demonstrated ability, capacity and desire to buy property.
Whether buying or selling commercial real estate, La Jolla Capital brings its market expertise and experience to leverage your investment decisions. With many of the preferred investment markets experiencing high demand, it is very challenging to make investments which are economically rewarding. Having exposure to off market investments, direct sellers, and strong relationships with local brokers allows our clients to avoid the crowd of buyers bidding up values. Additionally, having local knowledge allows our clients the guidance to elude the pitfalls that are often begot by new market participants.
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